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Eddie Motorsports T-Shirt Design

Eddie Motorsports Illustratiion

Eddie Motorsports tee shirt design.

Never Back Down – Hunting tee shirt design

Never back down T-Shirt design

Hunting design for Corn fed clothing

Fetch – Cornfed Tee Design

Fetch Tee Design

Fetch – T-shirt design for Cornfed Clothing

Bass Unleashed T-Shirt Illustration

Bass Unleashed Illustration

Bass Unleashed T shirt design for Corn Fed Clothing

Lost Cove, Illustration

Lost Cove Illustration

Lost Cove, Tee shirt & poster illustration. 1 of a series.

Hot Metal artwork

This is a peace done in 2008 as part of a series of vintage car posters with hyper saturated colors.

Hot Metal Artwork

2008 “Hot Metal” by josh Miles